A la Carte


Soup of the Day – £4.9
Chef’s daily homemade soup

Chargrilled Cyprus Halloumi (V) – £5.9
Served on a bed roasted peppers, sundry tomatoes, fresh rocket

Beetroot Tartar (V) – £5.45
Oven roasted beetroot, mixed with natural yoghurt, tahini ,virgin olive oil, topped with caramelized walnuts served with focaccia bread

Zucchini Fritters (V)– £5.9
Crispy halloumi courgette fritters made with spring onion and fresh herbs Served with Greek minted yoghurt

Filo Parcels (V) – £5.9
Puff pastry stuffed with Greek feta & ricotta cheese, finely chopped fresh mint & baby spinach. Served with Ben’s sweet chili tartar

Honey Glazed Goat Cheese (V) – £6.9
Served on a bed of mix leafs Beetroot Tartar & Caramelized Walnuts

Quinoa & Grilled Aubergine salad (V) – £6.9
Seasoned Black Mexican beans, scallions, sweetcorns, spring onions, pomegranates & chopped apple dressed with French Vinaigrette

Quinoa Stuffed Avocado (V) – £6.9
Stuffed with black Mexican beans, scallions, diced pepper, dressed with French Vinaigrette

Crispy Duck Rolls – £6.9
Stuffed pastry with herbs, spring onions, carrots, peppers, grated Parmesan, soya sauce & seved house sweet chilli tartar

Crispy Duck and Roasted Beetroot salad – £5.9
Mix leafs with celery, pomegranate, caramelized walnuts, kumquat & house dressing

5-Spiced Red Mullet Fillets – £6.9
Served with diced beetroot salad & House dressing

Pan-Seared Sardines – £6.4
Served with summer salad & House dressing

Classic Prawn Cocktail – £6.4
Baby gem – Rose Marie sauce

Shetland Mussels Marinere – £6.9
White wine, chopped garlic & creamy tomato sauce

Fresh Drunken Calamari – £6.9
Crispy fresh squid marinated in Vodka and Peroni beer. Served with tartar sauce

Octopus – £7.9
Chargrilled octopus served with salsa verde & charred citrus

Pacific Tiger King Prawns – £7.9
Pan-Seared Giant King Prawns with extra virgin olive oil, butter, chopped fresh chillies, garlic and lemon squiz served with fresh rocket salad

Chargrilled Seafoods

Chargrilled Whole Sea Bass – £16
Served with house seasoned vegetables, sautéed new potatoes & Arnold Barnet sauce

Line Caught Grilled Swordfish – £15
Served with butter panned new potatoes, chopped fine beans & asparagus

Chargrilled Octopus – £16
Served with salsa verde, charred citrus, hand cut chips & watercress

Chargrilled Signature Salmon Fillet – £16
Served with seasoned summer veg, sautéed new potatoes & capers butter sauce

Chargrilled Mixed Seafood Skewer – £16
Skewered salmon, octopus, sword and Paific Tiger Prawns. Served with hand cut chips, mix salad & caper butter sauce

Pacific Black Tiger Giant Prawns – £16
Pan- Seared with garlic butter, wine, cherry tomato, fine beans & fresh chilli served with mix leafs & hand cut chips

Lobster Lovers

(Check Availability)

Chargrilled or Thermidor King Lobster
Half £23.9 / Whole £39.9
Served with hand cut chips and watercress

Surf and Turf – £44.00
21-day dry aged 8oz tournedo fillet steak with half a king lobster with garlic butter herbs served with hand cut chips

Lobster & Burger – £35.00
Half King Lobster with Prime Beef cheesy Burger served with hand cut chips

Prime Burgers

Please note all our burgers served medium in a Brioche Bun, dill pickles, vine tomatoes, red onions & Hand Cut Chips

Angus Burger – £12.95
With Lemon Tarragon Mayo mature cheddar cheese

Ambrosia Burger – £12.95
With Melted Stilton Blue Cheese & Tartar Sauce

Truffle Burger – £13.95
Black Truffle Mayo, roast portabella mushroom & melted cheddar

Truffle Veggie Burger – £11.95
Black truffle mayo, roast portabella mushroom, zucchini fritters Halloumi cheese

ADD: Crispy Bacon – £1.00

Chargrilled Steaks

All our Steaks Aberdeenshire Dry Aged Simply seasoned with sea-salt and cracked black pepper

28-Day Dry Aged Sirloin (10oz £21.95)
Served with hand-cut chips and French Beans

30-Day Dry Aged Rib-Eye On the Bone (12-14oz £25.95)
Served with hand-cut chips and French beans

21-Day Dry Aged Tournedo Fillet (8oz £23.95)
Served with hand-cut chips & French beans

Steak Sauces – £2.50
Red Wine Juice Peppercorn
Mushroom Creamy
Lemon- Tarragon Mayo
Black Truffle Mushroom Mayo


Organic Lamb Skewer – £13.95
Chargrilled tender fillet cubes of lamb. Served with Bulgur rice and house salad

Organic Corn-fed Chicken Skewer – £12.95
Chargrilled tender cubes of chicken. Served with Bulgur rice and house salad

Chef’s Special Rack of Lamb – £18.95
Dipped in crushed pistachio, served with Dauphinoise potatoes, grilled asparagus & rosemary infused jus

Grilled Lamb Fillet – £17.95
Chargrilled best-end lamb fillet served with creamy herbed mash, asparagus & red wine jus

Ambrosia House-Seasoned Skewered Adana – £12.95
Mix herbs blended with minced lamb. Grilled over charcoal Served with bulgur rice & house salad

Suffolk Grilled Chicken Buterfly – £12.45
Served with summer salad, roasted beetroot & truffle dressing

Mixed Grill – £19.95
Organic lamb & chicken skewers, house-seasoned kofte adana skewer & best-end lamb cutlets served with Bulgur rice & grilled tomato

Seafood Pasta

Classic Black Tiger Prawns Linguine – £13.95
Pan-seared Black Tiger Prawns & Mediterranean prawns with garlic olive oil, chopped fine beans chilli asparagus white wine & cherry tomatoes

Seafood Linguine – £13.45
Tiger King Prawns, Shetland mussels & mixed seafood. Cooked in garlic olive oil, white wine & tomato sauce

Grilled Salmon Pasta – £16.95
Creamy tomato Linguini pasta with asparagus, cherry tomatoes & fine beans

House –Salads

Ambrosia Salad (V) – £10
Honey Glazed Goat cheese on a bed of wild mixed leaves, ripe avocado, caramelized walnuts, sun dry tomatoes, beetroot tartar and finished with beetroot dressing


Risotto Porcini with Blue Stilton Cheese (V) – £10.95
Dried Italian Porcini mushrooms, chopped shallots, truffle olive oil and crispy parmesan

Stuffed Aubergine (V) – £10.95
Baked stuffed aubergine with seasoned veg served with melted mature cheddar & zucchini fritters


Hand-cut Triple Cooked Chips 3.95
Cheesy Hand-cut Triple Cooked Chips 4.95
French Fries 3.45
Cheesy French Fries 4.45
Sweet Potato Fries 4.95
Red Onion Rocket Salad 3.95
Mixed Salad 3.95
Creamy Mash Potato 3.95
House Rice 2.45
Tomato Onion Salad with Balsamic Vinegar 3.50
Seasoned Mixed Vegetables 3.50
Wilted creamed spinach 3.95
Garlic Butter panned new potatoes 3.50


All of our desserts are homemade

Cream Caramel – £5.45
Made with amaretto liqueur

Chocolate Soufflé – £5.95
Served with Italian Vanilla Ice-cream

Tiramisu – £5.95
Made with amaretto liqueur

Panna Cotta – £6.95
Grappa liqueur, served with home-made, strawberry sauce

Apple & Almond Crumble – £5.95
Served with custard or ice-cream,

Italian Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry Ice-cream – £5.90
(3 Scoops)

Orange, Lemon or Mango Sorbet – £6.90
(3 Scoops)

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