• £7.90
    Pacific Tiger King Prawns

    Pan-Seared Giant King Prawns with extra virgin olive oil, butter, chopped fresh chillies, garlic and lemon squiz served with fresh rocket salad

  • £7.90

    Chargrilled octopus served with salsa verde & charred citrus

  • £6.90
    Fresh Drunken Calamari

    Crispy fresh squid marinated in Vodka and Peroni beer. Served with tartar sauce

  • £6.90
    Shetland Mussels Marinere

    White wine, chopped garlic & creamy tomato sauce

  • £6.40
    Classic Prawn Cocktail

    Baby gem – Rose Marie sauce

  • £6.90
    5-Spiced Red Mullet Fillets

    Served with diced beetroot salad & House dressing

  • £5.9
    Crispy Duck and Roasted Beetroot salad

    Mix leafs with celery, pomegranate, caramelized walnuts, kumquat & house dressing

  • £6.90
    Crispy Duck Rolls

    Stuffed pastry with herbs, spring onions, carrots, peppers, grated Parmesan, soya sauce & seved house sweet chilli tartar

  • £6.90
    Quinoa Stuffed Avocado (V)

    Stuffed with black Mexican beans, scallions, diced pepper, dressed with French Vinaigrette

  • £6.90
    Honey Glazed Goat Cheese (V)

    Served on a bed of mix leafs Beetroot Tartar & Caramelized Walnuts

  • £5.9
    Zucchini Fritters (V)

    Crispy halloumi courgette fritters made with spring onion and fresh herbs Served with Greek minted yoghurt

  • £6.40
    Pan-Seared Sardines

    Served with summer salad & House dressing

  • £6.90
    Quinoa & Grilled Aubergine salad (V)

    Seasoned Black Mexican beans, scallions, sweetcorns, spring onions, pomegranates & chopped apple dressed with French Vinaigrette

  • £5.90
    Filo Parcels (V)

    Puff pastry stuffed with Greek feta & ricotta cheese, finely chopped fresh mint & baby spinach. Served with Ben’s sweet chili tartar

  • £5.45
    Beetroot Tartar (V)

    Oven roasted beetroot, mixed with natural yoghurt, tahini ,virgin olive oil, topped with caramelized walnuts served with focaccia bread

  • £5.90
    Chargrilled Cyprus Halloumi (V)

    Served on a bed roasted peppers, sundry tomatoes, fresh rocket

  • £4.90
    Soup of the Day

    Chef’s daily homemade soup

Chargrilled Seafoods

  • £16.00
    Pacific Black Tiger Giant Prawns

    Pan- Seared with garlic butter, wine, cherry tomato, fine beans & fresh chilli served with mix leafs & hand cut chips

  • £16.00
    Chargrilled Mixed Seafood Skewer

    Skewered salmon, octopus, sword and Paific Tiger Prawns. Served with hand cut chips, mix salad & caper butter sauce

  • £16.00
    Chargrilled Signature Salmon Fillet

    Served with seasoned summer veg, sautéed new potatoes & capers butter sauce

  • £16.00
    Chargrilled Octopus

    Served with salsa verde, charred citrus, hand cut chips & watercress

  • £15.00
    Line Caught Grilled Swordfish

    Served with butter panned new potatoes, chopped fine beans & asparagus

  • £16.00
    Chargrilled Whole Sea Bass

    Served with house seasoned vegetables, sautéed new potatoes & Arnold Barnet sauce

Lobster Lovers

(Check Availability)

  • £35.00
    Lobster & Burger

    Half King Lobster with Prime Beef cheesy Burger served with hand cut chips

  • £44.00
    Surf and Turf

    21-day dry aged 8oz tournedo fillet steak with half a king lobster with garlic butter herbs served with hand cut chips

  • Half £23.9 / Whole £39.9
    Chargrilled or Thermidor King Lobster

    Served with hand cut chips and watercress

  • £12.95
    Angus Burger

    With Lemon Tarragon Mayo mature cheddar cheese

Prime Burgers

Please note all our burgers served medium in a Brioche Bun, dill pickles, vine tomatoes, red onions & Hand Cut Chips

  • £1.00
    ADD: Crispy Bacon

  • £11.95
    Truffle Veggie Burger

    Black truffle mayo, roast portabella mushroom, zucchini fritters Halloumi cheese

  • £13.95
    Truffle Premium Beef Burger

    Black Truffle Mayo, roast portabella mushroom & melted cheddar

  • £12.95
    Angus Burger

    With Lemon Tarragon Mayo mature cheddar cheese

Chargrilled Steaks

All our Steaks Aberdeenshire Dry Aged Simply seasoned with sea-salt and cracked black pepper

  • £2.50
    Steak Sauces

    Red Wine Juice Peppercorn Mushroom Creamy Béarnaise Lemon- Tarragon Mayo Black Truffle Mushroom Mayo

  • (8oz £25.95)
    21-Day Dry Aged Tournedo Fillet

    Served with hand-cut chips & French beans

  • (12-14oz £25.95)
    30-Day Dry Aged Rib-Eye On the Bone

    Served with hand-cut chips and French beans

  • (10oz £21.95)
    25-Days Dry Aged Cowboy Steak

    Served with sweet potato chips & tender steam sasemae Broccoli


Please note all our burgers served medium in a Brioche Bun, dill pickles, vine tomatoes, red onions & Hand Cut Chips

  • £9.95
    Linguine Polpettine

    Homemade prime Lamb meatballs with tomato sauce & fresh basil

  • £17.95
    Linguine with Fresh Salmon Fillet

    Creamy tomato sauce, with fresh basil, broccoli & asparagus

  • £17.95
    Homemade Lobster Raviolli

    Creamy truffle sauce with garlic, wine and sprinkle of parmesan

  • £35.00
    Chargrilled Lobster & Seafood Pasta

    Garlic Butter Shallots Herbed Half a King Lobster served with mixed Seafood Linquine

  • £10.50
    Linguine Con fungi with black Truffle(V)

    Traditional Italian meat sauce with grated Grana Padano parmesan

  • £13.45
    Seafood Linguine

    Tiger King Prawns, Shetland mussels & mixed seafood. Cooked in garlic olive oil, white wine & tomato sauce

  • £13.95
    Classic Black Tiger Prawns Linguine

    Pan-seared Black Tiger Prawns & Mediterranean prawns with garlic olive oil, chopped fine beans chilli asparagus white wine & cherry tomatoes